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A Few Good Men

Ask any Cebuano and men­tion his name, you’d most like­ly hear “super cop” among the adjec­tives. His name is Ado­nis Dumpit. I first met him years ago in a shoot­ing range. He taught me how to shoot. I heard about him but didn’t real­ize who he was then. Some­time after

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Body By Keto

It took a heartbreak, and a lot of spite, for things to shift. My heaviest recorded weight was in 2016, tipping the scales at 180 lbs. Yup, I was gargantuan. I decided to do something about it around Thanksgiving 2016.

3 am Thoughts — Immortal Beloved

It’s funny how we love someone, and we wish they would love us the way we want to be loved, yet we can’t reciprocate the love given to us by someone we don’t see in a romantic light. Love isn’t complicated, but people are.

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