3 am Thoughts — Sun and Moon

We only see the moon because sun­light reflects back to us from its sur­face, just as the love that radi­ates from me is a reflec­tion of your love.

So, of course, in the anal­o­gy my love is the Moon and you are the Sun. And that is real­ly quite fit­ting. Is my love non-exis­tent with­out your love shin­ing on me? No, of course not.
But it cer­tain­ly does not radi­ate with­out it.

The real pur­pose of love is not get­ting what we want but self­less­ly giv­ing what we have. We do not put a price on the love that we give because we should give it will­ing­ly with­out com­pen­sa­tion. We do not love some­one because of what he or she is, but because of what we are when we are with that per­son. Love should not just be about receiv­ing some­thing in return—it should be about lov­ing and just lov­ing because it makes us hap­py.  I think that is the real pur­pose of love.

In real­i­ty, we real­ly don’t get to choose. We just fall in love, and we get this per­son who is all wrong and all right at the same time. You know you love them so much except some­times, they dri­ve you com­plete­ly insane.  No one can explain it. The rea­son it’s so con­fus­ing is because it’s love, but if love didn’t have chal­lenges, what would be the point?

I know you had your fair share of fights. Some things in your life right now have prob­a­bly made you weary, and I have become just one more thing that you are not doing right. My fight has to be strong enough for both of us, and so far, dur­ing this rough patch, it has been. But I do get tired, and hope that I can lay my sword and shield down soon.

I don’t want to walk away from this, but I was so close. If I want­ed to, I would, I could. I’m sad about some things, but not unhap­py. Huge dif­fer­ence.

I love you, that’s all that mat­ters. Stead­fast. Doesn’t wax nor wane.

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