Dreams of Hue

Wait a lit­tle longer I have some things to pon­der In my heart, a space for you Full of sun­shine, skies so blue A qui­et street of oak A nice thought to pro­voke I dream of you in blue and brass In ser­e­nades of times gone past I dream of

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Ryan is a con­sum­mate sto­ry­teller. When­ev­er he told sto­ries of the place he grew up in, it was as if I was there myself. He grew up in Min­danao, one of the three main islands of the Philip­pines, in a place where life was idyl­lic and time moved slow­ly. His

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you lost me once death had his way. i found you again the star guid­ing me home.   a promise made for life with­out con­di­tions, i loved you in life­times past.   you promised only to for­get. i remem­bered only to remain wait­ing for you to return and find with­in

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