Beauty Is The Best Revenge With Peter Thomas Roth Skin Care

My bff since col­lege, Jesus Mar­ck (he absolute­ly hates it when I use his full name), was home from New York. We kept in touch reg­u­lar­ly even when he was in the US. But when­ev­er he is home, we try to spend qual­i­ty time togeth­er. Per­fect tim­ing, as I real­ly need­ed him. IMG_7571 2

Dur­ing my awk­ward col­lege years, he was my go-to guy for beau­ty and fash­ion tips, and dat­ing emergencies—instant “boyfriend” when­ev­er some drunk­en fool was harass­ing me in a bar or par­ty, my res­cuer dur­ing dates from hell, and the voice of rea­son who would give me a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive of things and snap me out of my guy dra­mas. And this recent home­com­ing was no dif­fer­ent.

Mar­ck & I

We were talk­ing about the recent state of my love life. Just as I was about to cry, he gave me this look that says cry on the inside like the win­ner that you are! That stopped my tears in its tracks. His agen­da to get over a heartache is qui­et sim­ple: get gor­geous!

When he came home last year, he was rav­ing about the Peter Thomas Roth Clin­i­cal Skin Care line. With a match­ing eye roll, he was amazed I’ve nev­er heard of it. He promised to bring me back some Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) good­ies, and he did just that.

Beau­ty arse­nal fit for god­dess­es!

I’ve only tried the anti-aging cleans­ing gel so far and wow! It made my face instant­ly radi­ant, like I had a good scrub­bing, mat­te but dewy. I didn’t think that was pos­si­ble. Some cleansers give you the mat­ti­fy­ing effect but nev­er dewy. It’s like I sprayed on MAC Prep+Prime. It’s been 2 hours since I washed my face as of this writ­ing, but still no oil! If this keeps up, I don’t think I’d be need­ing my blot­ting papers. Too ear­ly to tell but it won’t be sur­pris­ing if this becomes my next HG (Holy Grail) of cleansers. Very eco­nom­i­cal, just use a pea-sized amount (or small­er).

I wish I took a before and after pic­tures, but since I’ll be updat­ing this review, I took pic­tures a few min­utes ago as day 1 of PTR prod­ucts. I can’t wait to try out the rest of the loot! I’m not very reli­gious, but this is one of those times that I am—thank you Jesus!

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