Been there, Done that!

I was look­ing at my Face­book mem­o­ries, and appar­ent­ly, I made a blog 7 years ago. It only had one post. I’m not very good at main­tain­ing a blog. Some­thing always comes up, and I end up for­get­ting I had one. Not this time though. I intend to keep this one.

I’m repost­ing that blog entry here. It makes me remem­ber the time I first read Liz Tucil­lo and Greg Behrendt’s He’s Just Not That Into You. The movie that fol­lowed was fun, but not as hilar­i­ous as the book.

No, this isn’t a review of that book which all women should read, IMHO. It’s about this snip­pet which I caught from a shout-out of a friend: If you want to keep your man, you have to dri­ve your­self away from him. I was won­der­ing what kind of weird sci­ence exper­i­ment she was in. Or it must be a reflec­tion of her then cur­rent state of mind. Either way, it was both neu­rot­ic and exhaust­ing.

It’s eas­i­er said than done actu­al­ly. Least you think women are mas­ters of decep­tion and twist­ed mind games that send men into a tail­spin, we are not. We are actu­al­ly vul­ner­a­ble but dan­ger­ous to a point, bor­der­ing on psy­chot­ic some­times. Think Glenn Close of Fatal Attrac­tion, or a specie of female spi­ders that devour their male after mat­ing. But it all depends on the provo­ca­tion involved, or what the guy has done to make a com­plete fool of himself.The bot­tom line is, men love the chase. This trait has been ingrained in the pri­mor­dial man (hunt­ing, u know). It’s in their DNA, and so is polygamy. Now, until the time comes that a woman sci­en­tist cwalkawayan restruc­ture men’s DNA make-up, make him miss you, or let him think that your stray­ing far from him, that some­body is on the prowl wait­ing to snatch you up, gor­geous. If you’re too close and always there, it’s either you are clingy, or you’re his moth­er. Put them on a pedestal and they’d think your world revolves around them, and that it is a license to hurt you.

Don’t hold on because you think there’ll be no one else. There will be. You’ve got to believe that you are worth more than being repeat­ed­ly hurt by some­one. Believe that some­one will see that you’re real­ly wor­thy, and treat you the way you should be treat­ed.

If all else fails, maybe it’s time to read Greg Behrendt’s book. And cut your loss­es by walk­ing away.

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