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I promised to blog about how I lost weight through keto diet. I apol­o­gize for the delay because I had a crazy busy week. I’ll make sure to write in terms peo­ple can under­stand (no sci­en­tif­ic blah­blah).

I lost weight using a com­bi­na­tion of diet and exer­cise. I’ll tack­le the diet­ing part first. I’m doing this for all the lazy (haha!) but inspired peo­ple out there who want to embark on a road to weight loss. The trick is to get past the ini­tial iner­tia. It can be done!

Pre — Keto — The Elephant Years

I’ve always been slim, but after I had a baby, fat just stuck to me like white on rice. Bat­tle with the bulge was on and off—sometimes I win, most of the times I lose. I was ready to give up on get­ting back my biki­ni body. I rea­soned, the good Lord put carbs and alco­hol in this plan­et for a rea­son, and I shouldn’t let him down.

1998, right side

It took a heart­break, and a lot of spite, for things to shift. My heav­i­est record­ed weight was in 2016, tip­ping the scales at 180 lbs. Yup, I was gar­gan­tu­an. I decid­ed to do some­thing about it around Thanks­giv­ing 2016.

Hav­ing tried many kinds of diets and sup­ple­ments, some which worked and oth­ers did not, I yearned for some­thing sus­tain­able. Then, I came across the Keto Diet. I heard about it from a thread in some­time in Decem­ber 2017. After research­ing a ton of infor­ma­tion online and prepar­ing a sched­ule on imple­men­ta­tion, I decid­ed to embark on a new exper­i­ment.


Keto Preparation

Aside from the nit­ty-grit­ty details, I had to pre­pare for it men­tal­ly, know­ing I had to make lifestyle changes. It can be dif­fi­cult. I informed my friends and fam­i­ly of my plan to under­take the Keto Diet chal­lenge. As expect­ed, every­one laughed and wished me good luck. I wasn’t tak­en seri­ous­ly because I always failed at stick­ing to a diet. They didn’t know this was dif­fer­ent. Spite was a good moti­va­tor.

A week before I was to start keto, I ate and drunk every­thing I want­ed. This was often my pre-diet rit­u­al to reduce crav­ings. I would recall how cake, choco­late, or leche flan still taste the same no mat­ter the time away from them—their fla­vors were all in my head, that I’ve had it all before and to quit whin­ing!

What Is Keto?

Now, what exact­ly is keto diet? It is a very low-carb diet that uses fat as fuel instead of glu­cose. When we lim­it our car­bo­hy­drate (where we get glu­cose from) intake, the body looks for oth­er sources of fuel. It con­verts its sup­ply of fat into glu­cose, in a process called keto­sis. Keto­sis pro­duces ketones in the liv­er, which breaks down fat. When fat is bro­ken down, that’s how we lose weight.


Nutri­tion­ists say that fat is a more sta­ble source of fuel than glu­cose. We don’t need more out­side sources of glu­cose, we can uti­lize our fat instead through keto­sis. Basi­cal­ly, keto is starv­ing the body of carbs. The low­er the carb intake, the faster the body goes into fat burn­ing state. Only 50 grams of carbs are allowed per day.

I tweaked my reg­i­men a lit­tle bit to fit Fil­ipino cui­sine when I start­ed going to a gym, as keto diet can be so dra­con­ian (strik­to besh!).

Keto Benefits

Aside from the obvi­ous weight loss, you get these ben­e­fits if you make it past the mur­der­ous phase (you can do it!):

  • con­trols blood sug­ar (good for dia­bet­ics)
  • increased ener­gy
  • no hunger/hanger (hungry+anger) pangs
  • men­tal clar­i­ty (I did not make this up!)
  • con­trol cho­les­terol and blood pres­sure by low­er­ing LDL lev­els, increas­ing HDL
  • less­er acne

What To Eat

  • eggs, poul­try, fish, meat (pork, beef, lamb, etc)
  • leafy greens
  • veg­gies like broc­coli, cau­li­flow­ers
  • fat like coconut oil, but­ter, olive oil
  • cheese — moz­zarel­la, feta, cot­tage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, blue cheese
  • nuts except peanuts — eat in mod­er­a­tion
  • bacon — sur­prise sur­prise! but not the maple/sugar cured vari­ety
  • processed meats — check the label, 0–1 gram serv­ing is okay
  • spices like basil, cilantro, cayenne, pep­per, etc — u need these, trust me!
  • sweet­en­ers — ste­via but only if you need to, use in mod­er­a­tion, noth­ing with mal­todex­trin.
  • dark choco­late and cocoa — yes you can! again, check the label and use in mod­er­a­tion.
  • avo­ca­dos
  • berries
  • car­rots — in mod­er­a­tion, not too many
  • unsweet­ened cof­fee or tea — def­i­nite­ly no fraps!
  • sauces — no gravy, soy sauce and ketchup in mod­er­a­tion
  • W A T E R  is your best friend! I  drink at least 4–6 liters a day.

What Not To Eat

  • all kinds of bread, not even wheat bread
  • no oats, cere­als
  • no rice, black rice, brown rice, quinoa
  • all kinds of pas­ta
  • tubers like pota­toes, sweet pota­toes, cas­sa­va, taro
  • beans like mon­go beans, legumes, peas
  • fruits except avo­ca­do and berries — sad but true, coz I love man­goes
  • oils and unhealthy fats coz not all fats are good, like trans fat, mar­garine, hydro­genat­ed veg­etable oils like canola, sun­flower, soy­bean
  • fruit juices and sodas
  • all kinds of alco­hol, no excus­es!

You can eat at McDonald’s, minus the buns of course. You can even eat lechon or lechon kawali, but per­son­al­ly, I’d scrape off the fat, go easy on the skin, and stick to the lean parts. Lechon manok (chick­en), adobo, sini­gang, grilled chick­en breasts, gar­lic shrimps, grilled squid, beef steak, ginil­ing (Pica­dil­lo), din­uguan, even sisig, are among the Fil­ipino foods I ate. There are spe­cial­ty shops that offer keto desserts. You can par­take, but use com­mon sense, do not eat the whole box. One trick I’ll share is to have soup before the main course—it makes me full, fast. Eat slow­ly, chew care­ful­ly, you are not in an eat­ing con­test.


No-Nonsense Tips To Surviving Keto

  1. Write down your goals and why you are tor­tur­ing diet­ing. How many pounds do you want to lose? Are you so broke you can’t buy big­ger clothes? Do you plan to acci­den­tal­ly bump into your ex, make him c*m in his pants and sor­ry he left you? Is this one of those #look­whaty­oumademe­do moments? What­ev­er it is, don’t lose sight of it. Make sure your goals are strong enough to make you com­mit to your diet. Write them down, put them some­where you can see or read often.
  2. Have real­is­tic goals. Don’t expect to lose 20 lbs. in 1 week, that’s ridicu­lous.
  3. Keep temp­ta­tions out of sight. Like choco­lates, crois­sants, beer, or donuts. Hide them so that you don’t acci­den­tal­ly eat them.
  4. Eat corn grits. This is for peo­ple who have dif­fi­cul­ty let­ting go of rice. Corn grits are mais in our dialect. Sub­sti­tute reg­u­lar rice with half cup of mais dur­ing break­fast and lunch, or have a full cup dur­ing lunch. No mais dur­ing din­ner please. Reduce por­tions until you are ready to go full Keto throt­tle.
  5. Take your vit­a­mins. I can’t stress the impor­tance of these. You would need sup­ple­ments to com­bat what­ev­er defi­cien­cy you will have while your body is read­just­ing.
  6. Make your fat pic­tures as wall­pa­per in your phone or desk­top. I did this, and remem­ber every mean word ever said to me by peo­ple some­times dis­guised as friends. Your jokes hurt a**holes, but you didn’t real­ize because you have the emo­tion­al range of a spoon. Spite works, I tell you. As of this writ­ing, the losers are still, well, ffug­ly (fat & f*cking ugly).
  7. Stare at your old sexy pic­tures or your beach body goal. All the time—when you wake up, when you are crav­ing, before you go to bed. This is how the law of attrac­tion works. Think sexy, visu­al­ize sexy, achieve sexy. Imag­ine your­self final­ly wear­ing that biki­ni. Thoughts become things. The mind is very pow­er­ful.
  8. Plan your meals if you can. You can do this by buy­ing all the stuff you need for a week and get­ting rid of those you don’t. Per­son­al­ly, I don’t plan, I just eat what­ev­er is avail­able, with­out for­get­ting what to avoid.
  9. Cur­tail your after dark activ­i­ties as much as pos­si­ble. Less barhop­ping, less drink­ing, more mon­ey to buy new clothes when you lose weight. I didn’t go out often then, even until now. It’s a neces­si­ty. There will be oth­er bars, events to see any­way when you’re ready.
  10. Have a cheat day.  I gave myself cheat days after 2 weeks on keto. Every Sat­ur­day, I eat what­ev­er I want. Use your com­mon sense. Don’t stuff your­self when you’re already full. My friends and I even go to buf­fets. By this time, your sys­tem is well adjust­ed. You won’t eat as much as you used to.
  11. Have a diet bud­dy. I was lucky to have one. We would keep each oth­er on the loop, and be each other’s cheer­leader. You keep each oth­er sane.
  12. Be self­ish. By this, I meant be kind to your­self by always putting your­self first. LOVE your­self. Be your own cheer­leader. Avoid neg­a­tive peo­ple who bring you down, or those unsup­port­ive of your goals. You don’t need them, like you don’t need a third chin. Sur­round your­self with like-mind­ed peo­ple. I love myself so much I want to be lighter, health­i­er, sex­i­er.

During Keto…

  • You’ve been warned—the first few days will be bru­tal. Just try to get through the week. This is why I empha­sized men­tal pre­pared­ness.
  • You will feel a lit­tle dizzy some­times, grumpy, tired, mur­der­ous, some flu-like symp­tons (keto flu). It’s like your PMS on steroids. This is nor­mal. Give your body time to adjust and recal­i­brate itself.
  • You will know you are in keto­sis when you have this weird taste in your mouth, or you smell dif­fer­ent, dry mouth, always thirsty, increased uri­na­tion. These signs were very pro­nounced when I was diet­ing.
  • You get into keto­sis in 2–10 days. It varies from per­son to per­son, depend­ing on how you cut your carbs. I usu­al­ly go into keto­sis on the 2nd or 3rd day, full on keto­sis on the 4th or 5th.
  • When you don’t have hunger pangs any­more, you are on full keto­sis, and you can do the hap­py dance. Oth­er annoy­ing signs usu­al­ly dis­ap­pear when you get to this stage.

I did a very strict Keto reg­i­men for a month and a half. I tweaked the diet after that, when I start­ed see­ing results. From Jan­u­ary to May, I dropped around 40 lbs. I want­ed more! By some mir­a­cle, I decid­ed to get a gym mem­ber­ship in Feb­ru­ary. See, Keto gave me clar­i­ty! Months ago, I could nev­er imag­ine myself being in a gym. The idea of exer­cise was painful and exhaust­ing. But I want­ed to be more toned, and lose the stub­born fat in some areas. I’ll blog about that in my next post!

IMG_4699 2

I still have wob­bly bits, and my tum­my is not that flat. But I got my clav­i­cles back, and I now have cheek­bones! I’m a work in progress, but what mighty progress I made. You too can do it. Do it for your­self!

Keto Progress

 WeightDress SizeJean SizeBra SizeTar­get Weight
Pre — Keto180 lbs.XXL/US 14–163440 D/DD Vic­to­ria Secret siz­ing125 lbs.
Post — Keto132 lbs.M/US 6–828–2936 B Vic­to­ria Secret siz­ing125 lbs.

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