My Lipstick Brings All The Boys To The Yard: The Best Lipstick Shades for Goddesses

I was doing some errands today. I dropped by Watson’s on my way to the gro­cery. There’s this lip­stick that I real­ly fan­cy. I have too my many lip­sticks. But my inner voice quipped, “Said no woman ever!” I tried it on to see if it would look good as the time goes and went on my busi­ness. Then I passed by the alco­hol sec­tion. John­nie Walk­er Black label is on sale. Deci­sions, deci­sions. IMG_7926

I run on wine, sar­casm and lip­stick. If there is one make up I can’t do with­out, lip­stick has to be it. A lip with­out lip­stick is like cake minus the frost­ing. It’s that baaaad! It can make or break an out­fit. A lip­stick is my best friend dur­ing sad days. I may be hurt­ing, but on goes the lip­stick. That’s right. I’ll be the pret­ti­est wreck you’ve ever seen.

But my lips are choosy and sen­si­tive. I can’t just wear any brand because they would itch. The brands I’m agree­able with are MAC, Revlon,Clinique, and NARS. I’m doing a review on the best shades for more­nas (brown-skinned hot Fil­ip­inas). I con­sid­er these col­ors my HG (Holy Grail).


left to right: diva, brick-o-la, house wine & per­sis­tence

MAC Diva in Mat­te

  • Red­dish bur­gundy, medi­um-dark warm-toned red in mat­te fin­ish
  • Great stay­ing pow­er
  • Per­fect for evenings, or those days when you just want to slap all the walk­ing wit­less won­ders.
  • This is one of those red lip­sticks that can be worn dur­ing day­time too. It all depends if you are con­fi­dent enough to pull it off.

MAC Ampli­fied Creme in Brick-o-la

  • Warm plum, mid-tone pink berry creamy fin­ish with a sub­tle shine
  • This is my new my-lips-but-bet­ter (MLBB) lip­stick.
  • Stay­ing pow­er not as good as the mat­te lip­sticks. Reap­ply after 3 hours.
  • Best for more­nas, but looks good on fair-skinned women too
left pic, top to bot­tom: brick-o-la, diva, house wine. right pic: per­sis­tence

Mac Lus­tre in House Wine

  • Pink berry shade with a sub­tle shine, sim­i­lar to Brick-o-la, but lighter and close to my lip col­or
  • This was my orig­i­nal MLLB lip­stick. Sad­ly, it was dis­con­tin­ued.

Mac Per­sis­tence in Mat­te

  • Warm brown, peachy cin­na­mon shade in mat­te
  • The pang-datu nga shade (for the rich only) accord­ing to my make up artist LOL!
  • Great cov­er­age and stay­ing pow­er, as expect­ed of mattes
  • Looks good on both fair-skinned and espe­cial­ly more­nas

MAC lip­sticks cost P1,000.


I’m not a big fan of mattes because they feel heavy. But not this lip­stick. Revlon Ultra HD Mat­te Lip­col­or liq­uid lip­sticks are light­weight and vel­vety.  It has great cov­er­age and stay­ing pow­er. I don’t often reap­ply when wear­ing this, even when I eat or drink. For a mat­te lip­stick, it’s not dry­ing. It has a lit­tle sheen when being applied, but it dis­ap­pears once it has set­tled. I love the smell too! I think it was a whiff of vanil­la and man­goes (this is just me). I alter­nate these with my MACs.

left: Kiss­es right: Addic­tion
top: Kiss­es bot­tom: Addic­tion

I’m one of those rare birds who don’t like pink. It is tricky for me to find a pink shade that doesn’t look gaudy on me. Enter Kiss­es and Addic­tion. I was over the moon when I dis­cov­ered these shades. I can final­ly wear pink on Wednes­days! Addic­tion is a gor­geous plum berry shade. It is often the Reds that draw atten­tion but this is one pink shade that does just that. Kiss­es is a medi­um rose shade. It looks like a mut­ed ver­sion of Addic­tion. This is my HG MLBB (Holy Grail My-Lips-But-Bet­ter) liptick of the mat­te vari­ety. These col­ors look good on all skin tones but strik­ing on more­nas. It’s a steal for P575.

Kylie Lipkit

I didn’t join the Kylie lip­kit hype. Here in the Philip­pines, it was too expen­sive. Online sell­ers made a killing, and it was always out of stock. Then my sis­ter-in-law gave me some. When man­na from heav­en falls, do you not par­take?

left: Gin­ger right: Mary Jo K

Sure, Kylie Lip­kits are nice. It comes with a lip lin­er for pre­ci­sion. They are high­ly pig­ment­ed, and real­ly dif­fi­cult to remove. It’s a kiss proof liq­uid lip­stick. I don’t reap­ply when I use this. When­ev­er I wear this, I exfo­li­ate my lips and put on some lip balm first. Yes, it’s very dry­ing. Oth­er­wise, I would see cracks. So not sexy when that hap­pens. Line your lips first, then fill them in. Just dab the liq­uid lip­stick on the cen­ter of your lips, then tap to dry. Don’t go over­board. Sur­pris­ing­ly, it doesn’t feel heavy.

Gin­ger is a warm ter­ra­cot­ta shade. Not a big fan of nudes, except for this one. It’s just the right nude for me, under­stat­ed but obvi­ous. Mary Jo K is a true blue red. I wear this when I want to stop traf­fic, any­one in their tracks, the rain, God.

I’d nev­er buy these for myself. There are oth­er bet­ter, cheap­er alter­na­tives. But if some­one gives me some again, I’d be crazy to say no. Kylie lip­kits cost around P2,000–3,000.

Whisky or lip­stick? Can you guess what I bought?

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