Florentina Homes, Dumaguete

The City of Gentle People

Dumaguete is not known as the City of Gen­tle Peo­ple for noth­ing. I’ve been to Dumaguete a cou­ple of times but just in tran­sit on my way to Siqui­jor. So one fine May morn­ing, one of the gen­tlest per­sons in Cebu (yes, me!), found her way­ward self in Dumaguete.

If it is your first time, you wouldn’t want to plant your­self in the most hor­rid con­di­tions. Trust me, some peo­ple have the knack of get­ting them­selves into nasty sit­u­a­tions because they don’t plan ahead, but fear not, I, the fear­less trav­eller is here to guide you.

A Charming Boutique Hotel

facade of the hotel at night

Flo­renti­na Homes is about 10 min­utes from the port of Dumaguete.  Hail a tri­cy­cle and tell the dri­ver to drop you at Flo­renti­na Homes. The fare is 10 pesos, 8 pesos for stu­dents. Please call the hotel before­hand. It could be ful­ly booked. The hotel has themed apart­ments to suit your tastes. They are cost­lier than the hotel rooms by a thou­sand. Take note and don’t be con­fused: you can choose an apart­ment or a hotel room.

I stayed in a deluxe hotel room. For 2,000 a night, it was heav­en, per­fect for a mini hon­ey­moon. The col­ors in the room alone will make you for­get your prob­lems. What prob­lems?! It was taste­ful­ly fur­nished. I even had a mini bal­cony!

my mini bal­cony

I gauge a hotel by its bed. The bed was not too soft, not too hard. If you are into bed­room gym­nas­tics, the bed’s head­board was very stur­dy, you wouldn’t have to wor­ry about pay­ing for some­thing you’d break after­wards. The only glitch was the show­er. The pres­sure wasn’t too strong but it wasn’t cause to whine. I don’t know about the oth­er rooms though.

I’m lazy when hun­gry. Good thing that they have a restau­rant and a cafe down­stairs. Chill at Rana Verde if you’re into cof­fee con­fec­tions and ice cream. Gabby’s Bistro was as quirky as the rooms. The food? By the looks of it, every­thing was deli­cious! I haven’t tast­ed every­thing (I’m not a glut­ton), but the dish­es I ordered where all del­ish! I need want to go back! It is a mor­tal sin not to try the desserts, par­tic­u­lar­ly Tur­on de Leche – yum­my moist leche flan wrapped in lumpia wrap­per topped with vanil­la ice cream. Calo­ries, come to mama!

I regret not being able to take pic­tures of the dish­es I had, the room, the vicin­i­ty. The rea­son was I had no plans of writ­ing this blog.  Next time, I will!

Tur­on de Leche
mosa­ic art at Rasa Verde

What to Do

  • Stroll along the boule­vard and feel the sea breeze. Full moon by the boule­vard? Why not?
full moon by the boule­vard
  • Vis­it Sil­i­man Uni­ver­si­ty, the first Amer­i­can uni­ver­si­ty in the Philip­pines, and the entire Asian con­ti­nent.


  • Explore the city. Every­thing is near in Dumaguete. Their def­i­n­i­tion of far is a 15 minute tri­cy­cle ride.
  • Buy syl­vanas (sor­ry no pics, ate them all!), but pre­pare to for­get your diet. Buy ear­ly or you’re not get­ting any. I for­got the exact address, please ask a local, every­one knows where it is.

What Not to Do

  • Whine and com­plain why every­one is rid­ing a motor­bike.
  • Get drunk by the boule­vard and start pranc­ing around like a mani­ac.
  • Hoard tur­on de leche by order­ing it as a main course, appe­tiz­er, and dessert. Hel­lo, dia­betes!

Getting there

Mani­la to Dumaguete – please check PAL and Cebu Pacif­ic for the flights

Cebu Pacif­ic  http://www.cebupacificair.com/index.html

Philip­pine Air­lines  http://www.philippineairlines.com/home/home.jsp

Cebu to Dumaguete

via Ocean­jet, Pier 1, Cebu City – The fare is about 950. Best time to leave is through the 6 am trip. You arrive in Dumaguete around 11 am or 1130 am.

Ocean­jet web­site  http://oceanjet.net/

via Liloan, San­tander port – Take a Ceres bus or van in Cebu South Ter­mi­nal. Bus trav­el is around 3.5 hours to Liloan port. Van is prob­a­bly less­er. Take the fer­ry for Sibu­lan port. The fare is around 40 I think. Trav­el time is 20–25 min­utes. Upon reach­ing Sibu­lan port, look for a tri­cy­cle to take you to Dumaguete City. Trav­el time is around 15–20 min­utes. Pay 100 if you are in a hur­ry and can’t wait for oth­er pas­sen­gers to fill the tri­cy­cle.

Flo­renti­na Homes web­site: http://www.florentinahomes.com/

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