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My favorite spot

I believe that the cure for every­thing is salt water—sweat, tears, and the sea. And I had just that over the week­end. I was feel­ing slug­gish, unin­spired, and just about to hate every­thing and every­one when I decid­ed to be spon­ta­neous and hie off to Fan­ta­sy Lodge. Chris and I want to come here, and I was like, why not check it out for myself first?

I haven’t been this far up south.  Fan­ta­sy Lodge is in Sam­boan, about 4 hours from the city by bus, around 3–3.5 hours by car. My son and I took the bus because I didn’t like dri­ving some­where I wasn’t real­ly famil­iar, plus I couldn’t enjoy the views. My butt hurt from the long ride but the views along the way were worth it. I just told the bus con­duc­tor to drop us off at the resort. We left the ter­mi­nal at 7 am, and arrived at 11 am. I instant­ly felt bet­ter as I stepped off the bus—a good sign.

Gate of the resort
Main entrance
I make friends every­where — meet Jan­go!

I knew that I would be hun­gry as soon as we arrived. Good thing I asked them to email me their menu in advance. I texted them my orders an hour before we arrived.

Beef steak Fil­ipino style

Their food prices ranged from 100–300. The menu was a com­bi­na­tion of Euro­pean and Fil­ipino. Patience was required when wait­ing for the food. It could take an hour if the resort is full. It is best to order in advance, and tell them what time you want your food served. The serv­ings were just enough. I loved their food, except for their beef steak. It was too bland, could use more salt. The gar­lic prawns were per­fect! I was too embar­rassed to order extra rice haha! The resort is earth-friendly—they don’t use plas­tic straws but bam­boo straws instead.

Frozen mar­gari­ta, because why not?

The resort has a beach front and a pool. Stone steps lead to the beach. It wasn’t that far down, but be care­ful when going down as some steps were cov­ered in moss. The beach wasn’t big, but the waters were clear. Less sand, more peb­bles. Tip: wear aqua socks. It was like hav­ing your own pri­vate nook. There were ham­mocks, a per­fect read­ing spot.

Stone steps lead­ing to the beach
Crys­tal clear waters

The pool was small. I didn’t think it is suit­able for peo­ple who don’t know how to swim. The shal­low part was around 3–4 feet, deep­est at 9 feet. I’m not sure if they pro­vide floaters but I did see some peo­ple wear­ing them. The resort has no life­guard. Look out for your kids when they go swim­ming. Please, no drunk div­ing.




This sojourn wouldn’t be com­plete with­out a kawa (caul­dron) bath and a mas­sage. One of the rea­sons I chose this resort was because of the for­mer. It’s a must try when vis­it­ing this place. The mas­sage was for 800 pesos ($15), and the bath 500 pesos ($10). If you decide to have both, pack­age price was 1150 pesos ($22). It would be best to have the bath first then mas­sage. The bath was for 45 min­utes, but they let me stay on for more than that as there was no one else try­ing to avail it. The water was infused with coconut and man­darin oils. My skin was so soft after­wards, and my hair smelled like oranges. It is best to drink a lot of water before immers­ing in the kawa bath. It is not rec­om­mend­ed for peo­ple with heart dis­ease or hyper­ten­sion. Have the mas­sage around 430 pm. The sun­set view from that van­tage was stun­ning, I for­got what­ev­er prob­lems I had.

How chill­in’ like a vil­lain should look like 😉
I’ve giv­en up on my biki­ni body. The good Lord above made alco­hol & carbs in this plan­et for a rea­son. I’ll be damned if I let Him down!
Sun­set view from the bath

Tal­isay Spa was locat­ed just above the bath. It over­looked the sea, and the waves lulled me to sleep. I swear the whole resort must have heard me snore haha! It was heavennnnn!IMG_3138

Did I say I was in heav­en?

The place was per­fect for a short hia­tus from the city. It was very con­ducive to writ­ing, reflec­tion, and relax­ation. The resort has wifi too, for those who can’t dis­con­nect from the world. They have karaoke (Chris, take note), but they won’t let peo­ple use this if there are oth­er guests (good call!). The rooms weren’t air-con­di­tioned, but they have fans. This wasn’t a big deal for me as it was cool and we didn’t real­ly stay much in the room any­way. If you want to splurge, the resort has this air-con­di­tioned room with your own bal­cony, sauna, and jacuzzi, per­fect for cou­ples. Chris, where the fuck are you, come home already!

The things I didn’t like about our stay were the tow­els and the show­er. The tow­els smelled musty and old. I hope they fix their show­er heads too. There was an issue with our toilet—it wouldn’t flush but this was reme­died in a jiffy. Major kudos to the staff—they were so friend­ly and help­ful, would even go out of their way to make your stay mem­o­rable, tru­ly world-class hos­pi­tal­i­ty!

We arrived there when there was a full moon, and it was per­fect! I could see fire­flies at night. We would have stayed for one more day but a big group arrived, which sort of broke the spell for me. Would I come back? Def­i­nite­ly! I could lucid dream there all day!


To Get There

Go to the South bus ter­mi­nal. Look for the Bato via Bar­ili air­con­di­tioned bus­es. Fare costs 215, and the trip takes 4 hours. Bus­es leave in a 30 minute inter­val. Bet­ter leave ear­ly, say around 6 am or 7 am.

Con­tact Details

Fan­ta­sy Lodge

Barangay Dalahi­can, Sam­boan, Cebu

Mobile 0917 7006027




Addi­tion­al info:

  • Free break­fast for two, but the light break­fast. You order addi­tion­al items like bacon for around 70 pesos.
  • Resort is pet friend­ly, which is real­ly great!
  • They don’t have a cred­it card ter­mi­nal, but they accept pay­pal pay­ments. Nice huh? Bring cash as there are no ATMs near­by.
  • It is bet­ter to book in advance.

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