Nailed It! Cebu’s Best Nail Technicians

Have you had ingrown nails? Some peo­ple are pre­dis­posed to them. I was told by some friends liv­ing abroad they go to a podi­a­trist when they are unlucky to have one. Here in the Philip­pines, podi­a­trist are for very seri­ous cas­es and you have some cash to burn. The major­i­ty of us call on all the saints and pray nobody steps on our toes, and then go to our trust­ed nail tech­ni­cians.

But not all nail tech­ni­cians are cre­at­ed equal. Some are gen­tle, while oth­ers wield the cuti­cle push­er like an axe murderer—you feel like they’re about to hack your fin­gers or your toes off any sec­ond. The best ones can take out the ingrown nails minus the excru­ci­at­ing pain. They can even revive dying nails. Hav­ing the best nail tech­ni­cian is like find­ing nee­dle in a haystack. I’m feel­ing benev­o­lent so I’m going to share mine. When I say they are the best, I swear by it because I am some­one whose pain thresh­old for any­thing nail relat­ed is low.

IMG_4833_opt1. Jelyn Aus­tria of Salon de Rose, SM Cebu branch

Nobody does my pedi­cure except her. I’m not pre­dis­posed to ingrown nails but if I don’t get a pedi­cure for more than 2 weeks, my toes start to ache. I’ve tried oth­ers, because some­times I feel lazy going to SM, or when she’s not avail­able, and I often regret it. She has gen­tle hands, and pain is very min­i­mal to none. No one else but Jelyn for my pedi­cure. Try her and say you read about her from Jen’s blog. I asked her per­mis­sion that I’ll post about her here. And for the love of God, tip her!


2. Lori­di­en “Gigi” Ramos of Salon de Rose, SM Cebu branch

I found Gigi when my mom had a dying nail. She couldn’t find her old pedi­curist so she was think­ing of going to a podi­a­trist because it was very painful. I called one of my good friends Bob­by, who was the head of Salon de Rose HR at that time, and asked for the best nail tech­ni­cian in all their branch­es. He rec­om­mend­ed her. She saved my mom’s nail. My mom start­ed call­ing her Dr. Gigi after that. She nev­er goes to any­one else except Gigi.

3. Aiza of Beau­ty and But­ter, SM branch

This is my go-to place for man­i­cures, and she is my new go-to man­i­curist in this place. I love Beau­ty and But­ter for the vari­ety of  brands and col­ors to choose from. Plus points: nice inte­ri­ors and wifi. They also have a ser­vice for nails that need “reha­bil­i­tat­ing”. I used to be a big fan of gel nail pol­ish, until they made my nails brit­tle. This nail spa rec­om­mend­ed that I use the Naked polish—they are best for ail­ing nails. How are my nails? They are recov­er­ing, thank you very much. I only use Naked, or Orly Breath­able now. No more gel pol­ish for me.

Though my favorite nail tech­ni­cian is Jelyn, I let Aiza take care of my man­i­cures now. She is a very recent dis­cov­ery. She has gen­tle hands too, and lis­tens to instruc­tions.

Ingrown nails shouldn’t hold any­one hostage. A woman should only be help­less when her nail pol­ish is dry­ing. Don’t be a Neanderthal—get a man­i­cure and a pedi­cure! Life isn’t per­fect, but your nails can be.


Salon de Rose SM Cebu Branch — (032) 232 0689

Beau­ty and But­ter, SM Cebu Branch — 0917 5925 331


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