Of Things That Go Bump at Night

Do you believe in ghosts? This sounds like a tagline of a defunct show in the 90’s. Some peo­ple laugh when­ev­er this sub­ject is brought up, some, with a healthy amount of skep­ti­cism, like to indulge. But we are liv­ing in stranger times, and strange things hap­pen.

I didn’t take this pic­ture but this was one of my last cas­es. Can you see it?

I used to be high­ly active in the para­nor­mal field. I belonged to a group of para­nor­mal inves­ti­ga­tors. No, we were not like Ghost­busters or those ridicu­lous made for TV ghost shows. We stud­ied and observed anom­alies as we call it, in a sci­en­tif­ic way (yes, there is such way!). Most of the time, we get called for dis­tur­bances that can’t be explained. Usu­al­ly, lay peo­ple call it a haunt­ing. The legit cas­es we han­dled usu­al­ly involved these two types.

Two types of haunt­ing:

  1. Play­back ghost — They are not real­ly ghosts, but more like resid­ual ener­gy, or imprints. These “ghosts” are not sen­tient, mean­ing they don’t engage you when you talk to them. Exam­ple would be ghosts of sol­diers march­ing in aban­doned mil­i­tary camps. They march at a cer­tain time or day. See­ing them can be a lit­tle jar­ring, but they don’t harm.
  2. Earth­bound enti­ties — They are of two types, main­ly dis­car­nate humans and ele­men­tals. Dis­car­nate humans are spir­its of the dead that appear to the liv­ing in bod­i­ly form. These are the real ghosts. Ele­men­tals are nature spir­its that rep­re­sent the four ele­ments of water, earth, air and fire. Gnomes, undines, fairies are exam­ples. Earth ele­men­tals like dwarves usu­al­ly guard some­thing. Some of these enti­ties are malev­o­lent, play­ful, ter­ri­to­r­i­al, some are of dual nature.

Four types of appari­tions:

  1. Cri­sis — This type of appari­tion hap­pens when some­one is in great phys­i­cal dis­tress, or dying. Exam­ple would be some­one sud­den­ly see­ing a rel­a­tive, who hap­pens to live far away. At that exact moment, that rel­a­tive is severe­ly inca­pac­i­tat­ed or dying, and that was his way of reach­ing out for help. This is fair­ly com­mon.
  2. Exper­i­men­tal — The word says it all — some­one is con­scious­ly pro­ject­ing an image of them­selves over great dis­tances. This is done by a liv­ing per­son. Exam­ples would be dop­pel­gangers, bilo­ca­tion, and thought­forms. Astral pro­jec­tion and pol­ter­geists fall under this type too. Why pol­ter­geists? Pol­ter­geists in the movies are not prop­er­ly researched. It is not caused by evil spir­its (insert eye­roll here). This phe­nom­e­non hap­pens when a pre-teen or ado­les­cent child/children is act­ing up. Yes, it has some­thing to do with teens. The first thing we ask when claims of pol­ter­geist activ­i­ty hap­pen is are there chil­dren in the area?
  3. Post­mortem — This appari­tion occurs 12 hours after death. Some­times you can see them in the form they died (scary I tell you).
  4. Haunt­ing — This appari­tion hap­pens when death was trag­ic or there are unre­solved issues. They usu­al­ly appear to loved ones, but they are more tied to a cer­tain place, or a spe­cif­ic object. You can engage them (please don’t) as they are sen­tient. They can be scary, espe­cial­ly when they appear in the form they died. I’m not fond of antiques and there is a rea­son why. Haunt­ed objects are usu­al­ly made of wood or stone. It is eas­i­er to imprint or attach to those mate­ri­als.

There are cer­tain places where appari­tion is com­mon. It has some­thing to do with the ebb and flow of peo­ple, the emo­tions they leave, and the ener­gies they emit.

Top 6 Appari­tion Places

  1. Hos­pi­tals
  2. Church­es
  3. Motel/hotels/retreat hous­es
  4. Schools
  5. Halfway hous­es
  6. Places of great pain and suf­fer­ing.

For a very detailed expla­na­tions on this mat­ter, email me.

Ques­tions peo­ple often ask

  1. How do you get rid of ghosts? That’s what para­nor­mal inves­ti­ga­tions are for. You have to know the rea­son why they are there in the first place. Why does it haunt a spe­cif­ic place, at a cer­tain time? Bring­ing a priest and dous­ing the area with holy water doesn’t work all the time. Know the rea­son first, or if there is indeed a ghost. Do you get rid of a Bud­dhist ghost with a Catholic priest? No. It will not work. Dif­fer­ent strokes for dif­fer­ent folks, it depends on the school of thought you are prac­tic­ing.
  2. Can they hurt you? The real­ly malev­o­lent ones, yes. This isn’t very com­mon. Don’t believe every­thing you see on TV.
  3. Can they pos­sess you? No. Real pos­ses­sions are very, very rare.
  4. What to do when there are ghosts? Run and call all the saints in heav­en! Just jok­ing! Wear black tour­ma­line with quartz, burn sage if you have some, and play Dis­ney music (yes, you read it right), like You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. They thrive on fear, so try not to let your fear over­come you (impos­si­ble, but doable).
  5. How do I know if there is a ghost? If they are head­less and walks on air, def­i­nite­ly a ghost! Kid­ding! Nor­mal­ly, elec­tri­cal dis­tur­bances like flick­er­ing of lights, bat­ter­ies dying down, elec­tri­cal appli­ances mal­func­tions. Before you scream ghost, please check first if there is a pow­er out­age. They are also active after a thun­der­storm. When­ev­er they are there, my head feels like it is get­ting big­ger, the space between my eye­brows throb, I feel a lit­tle dizzy or light­head­ed, I seem to go deaf or as if all the sounds have been sucked out of the place, the hairs on my nape and on my face stand, sud­den change in tem­per­a­ture of the room.
  6. I want to open my third eye! How? My ques­tion is why in God’s green earth would you want that? It is not for fun or just to feel pow­er­ful (insert anoth­er eye­roll).
  7. This is utter tripe. I real­ly want to see a ghost, prove it and how? For the incred­i­bly brave and stu­pid, short­cut would be doing a Ganzfeld exper­i­ment. I tru­ly DO NOT rec­om­mend it. I per­son­al­ly know some­one who stu­pid­ly did it, coz he was bored and why the not? It end­ed up with him call­ing me because he felt like he was los­ing his mind. You have been warned.
  8. If so, why lay it out for every­one to know? To say that it can be done, yes. Lit­tle knowl­edge is dan­ger­ous. DO NOT DO IT if you don’t know what you are doing, or know how to get rid of the after effects.

If you think you are both­ered by any­thing weird, I can hook you up with the para­nor­mal experts here in Cebu or in Mani­la.

And yes, ghosts are every­where all the time. One could be peer­ing over your shoul­der as you are read­ing this.

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