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Siquijor Diaries Day 1 – Throwing Caution To The Wind

The last time I went to Siquijor was 3 years ago, May 2015. When the chance to visit the island again presented itself, I had ambivalent feelings. So many memories were created there, mostly happy. After I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years, the place only evoked pain, and I swore I’ll never set foot on that island again. But my feet was itching to go, and I could hear the waves beckoning me home. Yes, Siquijor was home.

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Beauty Is The Best Revenge With Peter Thomas Roth Skin Care

My bff since college, Jesus Marck (he absolutely hates it when I use his full name), was home from New York. We kept in touch regularly even when he was in the US. But whenever he is home, we try to spend quality time together. Perfect timing, as I really needed him. During my awkward college years, he was my go-to guy for beauty and fashion tips, and dating emergencies—instant “boyfriend” whenever some drunken fool was harassing me in a

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Ryan is a consummate storyteller. Whenever he told stories of the place he grew up in, it was as if I was there myself. He grew up in Mindanao, one of the three main islands of the Philippines, in a place where life was idyllic and time moved slowly. His barrio (a term for a local community) is like a Faraday cage—there was no internet, no mobile phone signals, no cable tv. People actually talked, and get to know each

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you lost me once death had his way. i found you again the star guiding me home.   a promise made for life without conditions, i loved you in lifetimes past.   you promised only to forget. i remembered only to remain waiting for you to return and find within the memory of us.   the universe speaks fate turns you brought your heart and i brought mine oh how our souls danced!   our paths crossed at the appointed

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Girlfriend Translation Guide

Men often say women are confusing. Well, maybe sometimes. Ok, most of the times! I didn’t make this. I saw this somewhere and thought it was funny. Here’s a guide that would help decode the most difficult language of all. Seemingly Innocent Phrases Seriously? Translation: I’m giving you a chance to rethink what you just said. Got it. Translation: I heard you now shup up. Fine Translation: The true F word. Not even on the same planet as fine. Whatever

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New Year 2018

A very Happy New Year!!! Thank God the holidays are over! I was thinking of writing a New Year’s resolution (again!), and hopefully, sticking to it. This is rather late, but like they say, better late than never! Blog more! A no brainer! I obviously need better time management. Be more tolerant of idiots, and hoping this doesn’t encourage them to take up more of my time. Extend my patience beyond kids and animals. Travel more, domestic and international! Learn

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