Siquijor Diaries Day 3 – Residual Hauntings

I wanted to spend my last day in Siquijor by the beach. No healers, no witchcraft, no weird stuff. I booked at Blue Wave Inn. It’s a quaint resort with an awesome beach. My ex and I used to stay here frequently, and I was wary I might run into some old acquaintances. However, the resort has a new infinity pool, and the call of the waves was deafening. Memories be damned, I need a beach fix! Mercifully, I didn’t see

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Siquijor Diaries Day 1 – Throwing Caution To The Wind

The last time I went to Siquijor was 3 years ago, May 2015. When the chance to visit the island again presented itself, I had ambivalent feelings. So many memories were created there, mostly happy. After I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years, the place only evoked pain, and I swore I’ll never set foot on that island again. But my feet was itching to go, and I could hear the waves beckoning me home. Yes, Siquijor was home.

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