When God was Handing Out Boobs, I was First in Line

Some years ago, I decid­ed to join a blog­ging con­test spon­sored by a well-known lin­gerie brand in the Philip­pines. I don’t real­ly blog, but I hur­ried­ly made one. I was enticed to join because I love that brand, and the prizes were not shab­by at all. Some­one else won, and I sulked for days after that, tee-hee.

Ear­ly this year, I looked for my blog and saw that Wacoal com­ment­ed on it days after the con­test. They want­ed me to write a review for them. I was years too late! If only I’d seen it ear­li­er… Wacoal, are you read­ing this?

I’ve decid­ed to re post that blog entry here. I can’t access the old blog any­more. This is my 2nd for­ay into blog­ging. I’m hop­ing to be able to main­tain it this time.

I have what most women cov­et— an ample chest. It became appar­ent I have big boobs the moment I start­ed my peri­od. If my moth­er had ultra­sound pic­tures then, I swear I would be able to see a hint of my breasts in utero.  I was already a 36B when I was 16. It was a hor­ri­ble time for me. Boys would gawk, girls would give me dirty looks. I tried to keep my twins hid­den by cov­er­ing them with my books, wear­ing loose tops, avoid­ing path­ways where I could see a con­gre­ga­tion of peo­ple (most­ly boys who would like to stare!) or by plac­ing a real­ly large tote in front of my chest.


But I look back fond­ly at that time. I had a svelte form then. I would attend kegfests and not gain an inch. It was also the time I had no prob­lem find­ing a bra. Albeit pen­ni­less, I can wear almost all styles, flow­ery or flir­ty. I could even work a strap­less num­ber. It didn’t mat­ter that my under­gar­ments were cheap — I had the per­fect twins!

Age is just a num­ber and my bra size should remain unlist­ed. Six­teen years and 30 lbs lat­er, my bra size would yo-yo between 80C to 85D. I tried all the diet­ing schemes—name it, chances are, I’ve tried it. I also tried con­fus­ing my mus­cles. Naaah! My shoes gave up!  My hour­glass shape became some­thing else — round.  “Round is still a shape!” was my lame attempt at jus­ti­fy­ing my weight gain. My post­par­tum weight was like a lovesick stalk­er— it sim­ply didn’t go away, didn’t give up, loved me to death. My twins were unhap­py. I could only fit a local­ly made bra if it is a size 40C, 80C-85D for import­ed ones, depend­ing on the style. I knew then I should kiss strap­less and non-wired bras good­bye. The sink­ing real­iza­tion came—I just couldn’t wear any bra any­more.

And so the search for the per­fect bra com­menced. I was deter­mined to win the bat­tle with my humon­gous third chin. Find­ing the per­fect bra in my size, in this coun­try, is like try­ing to find a uni­corn. I scored the lin­gerie shops, online shops, bazaars, hole-in-the-wall bou­tiques, and ukay-ukay (yes I did!)! It was a hit-and-miss thing. When­ev­er I found a bra I thought to be it, there was always some­thing wrong with it. Then I had an epiphany of sorts— not only is the per­fect bra elu­sive, it is also ridicu­lous­ly expen­sive! I firm­ly believe in invest­ing in good bras, so I resort­ed to order­ing mine online. Boy, did my wal­let hurt!

I’ve always won­dered how to tell bra man­u­fac­tur­ers that there is a niche for big­ger sized bras. You can cast an even big­ger mar­ket should you have big­ger sizes (42 D up). I have friends who com­plain often how hard it is to look for qual­i­ty bras with queen sizes. The ones we often find are either matron­ly or not durable. I wish you will have more sizes  for us whose cups run­neth over!

A few months ago dur­ing one lucid moment, I wan­dered off to the lin­gerie sec­tion of a mall, Wacoal’s specif­i­cal­ly. I usu­al­ly don’t both­er look­ing at bras made local­ly because most of the time, they don’t car­ry my size. But that day, I struck gold! I found some Wacoal bras in my size. They fit real­ly well, made my twins look grav­i­ty defy­ing. Noth­ing says uh-oh like a bulging back fat, but the bras took care of that as well. I was pleas­ant­ly sur­prised that they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  And, ohh­hh joy!!! They didn’t look  like any of the bras my grand­moth­er wore.

The per­fect bra opens lots of doors.  The per­fect bra will make you look slim­mer, taller and boosts your con­fi­dence. You can lose pounds instant­ly with the right under­gar­ment. It also does won­ders for the pos­ture. When you feel good about your­self,  every­thing else fol­lows. You will exude beau­ty and grace, and every­one around you responds accordingly.No more hid­ing for me. I can now strut like a 20-year-old. I can rock any out­fit I didn’t think I could. Con­fi­dent much, eh? My twins? Gone are the days they cow­er. Front and cen­ter, youth­ful and unbowed!

Wacoal is avail­able at all lead­ing depart­ment stores nation­wide. You can also order online at wacoal.ph.

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